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October Silk


The weather is cool and the sex is hot when nine world famous pin-ups set the town burning in this fall indulgence. A naughty dress shop is the gathering place for the devious and sultry women of OCTOBER SILK.

Sensual redhead Lisa DeLeeuw inflames herself to furtive acts of passion when her married lover says goodbye. A hot blooded nurse, she takes a tumble with a patient that only makes her tingle for more. Alone in her residence with her lover’s housemaid, she teases that exotic, Arcadia Lake, onto her table for the ultimate lover feast.

Back at the boutique, owner Gloria Leonard turns on with her stock boy after the lights go down. Domineering and curvaceous, she’s a bone fire in the back room. Christie Ford and Merle Michaels are edible blonde confections. After cheer leading practice, they corner an old lecher in his pad, squirming in delight as they lead him on.

Samantha Fox is a saleswoman. She changes lovers like she changes her nylons, but they never forget her handy ways. Candida Royalle, a lady of mystery, brings stunning pro Tara Smith along on a mission of mercy for beautiful housewife Abigail Clayton and her chilly husband. In the most titillating foursome ever filmed, the three women use a variety of juicy sins to make him erupt like a volcano. It is a memorable climax to a film filled with them.


  • Abigail Clayton as The Housewife
  • Lisa De Leeuw as Claire, the nurse (as Lisa DeLeuew)
  • Christine De Shaffer as Diane, the secretary (as Christine de Shaeffer)
  • Christie Ford as Angela
  • Samantha Fox as The Salesgirl
  • Arcadia Lake as The Maid
  • Merle Michaels as Marsha
  • Candida Royalle as Rene, the sex expert
  • Tara Alexander as Rene’s assistant (as Tara Smith)
  • Gloria Leonard as Gloria – Boutique Owner
  • Jesse Adams as The Stud
  • Bobby Astyr as Mr. Winston
  • Eric Edwards as Martin, the husband
  • Brian Palmer as Rene’s client
  • John Boland as Warren (as Biff Parker)

Release Date: 1980 (USA)

Runtime: 81 mins

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