Mission  Impossible TV show

Mission Impossible

Fakeout Season 1, Episode 12

The IMF’s target is Poltroni, an international drug dealer. Poltroni, alias Ted Carson, is in a country with no extradition treaty with the United States. Briggs devises a plan to lure Poltroni to a neighboring country where he can be arrested and sent to the U.S. To execute the scheme, Barney will have to fight for his life against one of Poltroni’s thugs while Cinammon will be bait for Poltroni. Also, getting Poltroni to the border won’t be easy. It’s about 100 miles away.


  • Greg Morris as Barney Collier
  • Peter Lupus as Willy Armitage
  • Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter
  • Steven Hill as Daniel Briggs
  • Lloyd Bridges as Anastas Poltroni aka Ted Carson
  • Sid Haig as Hidalgo
  • Alberto Monte as The Attendant
  • Ken Renard as The Assistant Manager

Release Date: December 3, 1966

Runtime: 50 min

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