At War with the Army Movie

At War with the Army

Alvin Corwin is low man on the totem pole, and goes from one mishap to another at an army training camp in World War II.


  • Dean Martin as 1st Sgt. Vic Puccinelli
  • Jerry Lewis as Pfc. Alvin Korwin
  • Mike Kellin as Sgt. McVey
  • Jimmie Dundee as Eddie
  • Dick Stabile as Pvt. Pokey
  • Tommy Farrell as Cpl. Clark
  • Frank Hyers as Cpl. Shaughnessy
  • Danny Dayton as Supply Sgt. Miller
  • William Mendrek as Capt. Ernest Caldwell
  • Kenneth Forbes as Lt. Davenport
  • Paul Livermore as Pvt. Jack Edwards
  • Ty Perry as Lt. Terray
  • Jean Ruth as Millie
  • Angela Greene as Mrs. Deborah Caldwell
  • Polly Bergen as Helen Palmer
  • Joe Gray as Soldier (uncredited)

Release Date: November 12, 1976

Runtime: 96 mins

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